Peer Counselling Course

An annual invitation to Pretoria High School for Girls affords PROCARE the opportunity to train a group of girls who have been carefully selected to act as Peer Counsellors in their school.  After their completion of  four training sessions, they are introduced to the school as the newly elected peer counsellors for the following year.  This group of girls is empowered with basic counselling skills, in order to be a support to their peers.  The peer counselling course covers a wide range of topics such as, depression, cutting, relationships, substance abuse, emotional debriefing etc., and how to recognize when fellow learners need to be referred for further, professional help.

A big thank you to this year’s group of girls who committed themselves to completing this course!  Keep up the good work and continue this wonderful tradition!

2015-10-26 09.26.54_resized

Should you be interested in the content that we cover, please contact PROCARE on 0861 776 2273 or email us on if you are interested in having us present the programme at your school.


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