Congrats to Elsabé

Congratulations have been pouring in this week for our CEO Elsabe Engelbrecht, who has been elected on the South African Council for Social Service Professionals (SACSSP). She has been elected as the representative for Social workers in Private Practice on the Professional Board for Social work.

“This is such excellent news and so richly deserved.  I cannot express the extent of my delight and relief that we have a person of your calibre on our professional board.  Wishing you strength for the challenges ahead.  ~Dana Labe  Chairperson SAASWIPP” 

“Congratulations, that is excellent news. I believe that your intelligence and strength of character will be of vital importance in the work that lies ahead. I think that this will be a turn-around time for the SACSSP, and that your input will be of great value in all respects and of course for private practice. We support you all the way.”

“Hartlik geluk met jou verkiesing en baie sterkte. Nou meer as ooit het ons sterk leierskap nodig om die belange van ons professie te dien en positiewe verandering van binne die PBSW  en SACSSP te dryf.”

 “Baie geluk Elsabe glo dit gaan nog net add tot jou reeds oorvol lewe maar dit is dalk iets wat broodnodig is. PROCARE Weskaap is trots op jou, was nog altyd en sal altyd wees!”

Well done, we are so proud of you!!




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